Distribution of cash flow 30roi.com

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About 30 Roi

30ROI is a an automated cash distribution system that pays every 24-30 hours, you can deposit 10 to 5000 RUB per deposit.This website works by lending your money to other investors than you will get your money back + lending fees from next investors.

You as an investor will decide the future of this platform, as long as you trust the platform and keep investing some amount daily you will keep making money and everyone else, as the owners of this platform we make only 2.3% daily from withdraws as fee and we have no control over cash flow as deposits are coming in and out automatically every end of hour.

Please follow the rules carefully:

- Investors from any country that bans rub currency or investing or under 18 years old is not allowed on this website.

- Only Payeer payment is accepted and only Ruble coins.

- Do not abuse the cash flow system.

- Do not make multiple accounts.

- Do not attempt to hack the system or you will get banned.

By investing here you risk losing part of your full deposit amount once there is no new investors. 

Please make sure to spread this website with your friends to keep investors coming and keep profit for everyone.

 This website is a semi-game investment platform that works by lending money to people like you when you lend your money to someone else by investing.

It's safe and secure and profitable with a nice referral system as long as more people are using it.